The download-file basically is the full versions. But only with the correct installation code, which the customer receives If he buys the program he can use it as light or full version. Otherwise, the program can used as a Demo version.

Download Swiss-Manager Unicode-Version

(German / English / Slovenian / French / Turkish / Czech / Serbian / Polish / Croatian / Slovakian / Spain / Hungarian / Russian / Portuguese / Italian / Greek / Indonesian / Armenian / Persian / Hebrew / Romanian)

Download Rating-Lists

  • The FIDE-ratinglist can easy updated with the menue item "internet/Update FIDE-ratinglist" direct from the FIDE homepage.
  • Tip: It is possible to import a (national) ratinglist on basis of an Excelfiles. A sample Excel-file is available on my Homepage under Further information in sheet "help" in the sample-File.

Changes of the Unicode Version 2015

  • Bug fixing in the player dialog when using the Tab key (loop). (15.01.2015)
  • New Tie-Break: [67] Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break (analog [57], but with all results). (07.01.2015)
  • New Option "Show excluded players/teams from the previous round" in the exclude player/team dialog (04.01.2015)
  • When generating the text file for the FIDE rating server now the round from - to can be specified. (02.01.2015)

Changes of the Unicode Version 2014

  • For large single-Swiss system tournaments, the results can be entered on via XML interface and then be imported into Swiss manager. See (21.12.2014)
  • The javaw.exe file (Java Engine) can now be explicitly selected in the Options dialog. (30.11.2014)
  • Bugfixing for pairings with JaVaFo for usernames containing Unicode characters. (08.11.2014)
  • In some lists the grid-column width was not correct. (18.10.2014)
  • Update the Excel/Grid routines. (17.10.2014)
  • New Menu-item "Rating lists/Update CRO Ratinglist. (11.10.2014)
  • Bugfixing generating the TRF (Tournament Report File) for the JaVaFo engine. Results 0:0 and adjourned games are now handled correctly. (23.07.2014)
  • Additionally Pairing-Engine (JaVaFo Engine from Roberto Ricca).
    In the pairing dialog there are 2 new options:
    FIDE (JaVaFo engine, local: Important: This requires the installation of Java.
    FIDE (JaVaFo engine, Important: This requires an active Internet connection.
    Here, the pairings will be done on, therefore the Java installation is not required. Here the "Tournament Report File" (TRF) is transmitted to chess-result, then the pairings are done and downloaded. (20.06.2014)
  • New Menu-item "Rating lists/Update POR blitz Ratinglist. (03.04.2014)
  • The selection whether the tournament is FIDE-rated or national rated is now a mandatory input. (25.03.2014)
  • Bugfixing import FIDE-ratinglist (Arrayoverflow). (04.03.2014)
  • Bugfixing from 04.12.2013: In 1.45a (W)FM are taken into account again. (06.01.2014)
  • Revision of the English Swiss-Manager texts. Many thanks to Andre White. (04.01.2014)

Changes of the Unicode Version 2013

  • Changing of Tie-Break [11] "Direct encounter (the results of the players in the same score group)": If a player has played in this score group against all players and won/lost all games, then the player is the first/last in this score group. (27.12.2013)
  • Bugfixing list1 ("Team List"). (04.12.2013)
  • (W)FM titles will not be considered in the calculation of (W)GM and (W)IM titles. (04.12.2013)
  • Upgrade of the software development environment from Delphi XE2 to Delphi XE5.(17.11.2013)
  • Upgrade of the setup software Install Mate from Version 7 to Version 9(17.11.2013)
  • Upgrade of the Excel routines. Now also xlsx files/rating lists can be read/write. (17.11.2013)
  • New option in the options dialog: Excel file format (xls or xlsx extension ending). (17.11.2013)
  • Change of build to (17.11.2013)
  • New Menu-item "Rating lists/Update CZE Rapid Ratinglist for ASCII and Unicode. (21.09.2013)
  • Changing in the date-dialog: If "-" (hyphen) is entered in the date-field, then the field is left empty. (10.09.2013)
  • Link change for the German rating list ( ==> ). (03.09.2013)
  • Bugfixing import RSA-ratinglist (Arrayoverflow). (04.08.2013)
  • Bugfixing import FIDE-ratinglist and AUT-Rapid-ratinglist (Arrayoverflow). (30.06.2013)
  • New Menu-item "Rating lists/Update GRE Ratinglist. (18.06.2013)
  • New option in the Pairing dialog for single round robin tournaments: "Simultaneous tournaments". Here the start rank number 1 is set with all other players. The color can be set in the result input dialog. (29.05.2013)
  • Translation to Lithuanian (1st try). Many thanks to Mrs. Laima Domarkaite. (29.04.2013)
  • Because of necessary changes in the Unicode ratinglists, the lists must be re-imported. (13.04.2013)
  • Revision of the Ratinglists import/search. (11.04.2013)
  • Bugfixing FIDE title list: In rare cases the average rating of the opponents (Ra) was too high. (16.02.2013)
  • Translation of the Helpfile to Vietnamese. Many thanks to Mr. Nguyen Phuoc Trung. (23.01.2013)
  • Bugfixing of pairing option "Protect round" for Team-Swiss-Systems. (23.01.2013)
  • Bugfixing import POL-ratinglist (import of a wrong rating-field). (23.01.2013)
  • New Menu-item "Rating lists/Update POL Ratinglist. (17.01.2013)
  • New Menu-item "Rating lists/Update POR rapid Ratinglist. (17.01.2013)
  • Bugfixing import FIDE-ratinglist (Arrayoverflow). (01.01.2013)

Changes of the Unicode Version 2012

  • Translation to Vietnamese. Many thanks to Mr. Nguyen Phuoc Trung. (27.12.2012)
  • Translation to Romanian. Many thanks to Mr. Dinu-Ioan Nicula. (25.12.2012)
  • New Menu-items ( "Internet / Import Team-Compositions from" and "Internet / Setup Team-Composition Online-Registration on CR" ) for the Online-registration of the Team-Compositions on by the team-captains. See also PDf-File OnlineRegistration_TeamCompositions.pdf (20.12.2012)
  • In Tie-Break 11 (Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)) from now on forfeits are not considered. (7.12.2012)
  • Bugfixing for the Hebrew lists. (17.11.2012)
  • Bugfixing in the CAN ratinglist: Array-Overflow. (16.10.2012)
  • Bugfixing for the Hebrew language: All lists should now be from right to left. (16.10.2012)
  • New option in the tournament dialog in sheet others (special for the European Club Cup): "For all not rated players: From lowest rated player rounded down to the nearest 100." (7.10.2012)
  • Bugfixing for the Hebrew language: Mainmenu items switch back in some cases to left to right. (7.10.2012)
  • Expansion of Team-Swiss system tournaments to 300 teams. (16.09.2012)
  • Bugfixing for the Rapid and Blitz-rating-list: The standard rating was dispalyed. (26.08.2012)
  • The search in the rating-lists can now also be done by the first name.
    Example 1: Herzog,H searches for all players in all rating-lists starting with "Herzog" where the first name starts with "H".
    Example 2: Herzog,H,AUT searches for all players only in the AUT-rating-list starting with "Herzog" where the first name starts with "H".
    Example 3: *erzog,H searches for all players in all rating-lists, containing "erzog" in the last- or firstname and the first name starts with "H". (07.08.2012)
  • Inplementation of the new FIDE-ratinglist-structure which is valid from 01/09/2012. You can import both structures. (07.08.2012)
  • The teams can also be sorted alphabetically in the team dialog. (07.08.2012)
  • New-Menu-Item "Specials / Rtg. admin. file CAN. (25.07.2012)
  • New Ratinglist-Import for FIDE-Rapid (FIDR), FIDE-Blitz (FIDB), Austria-Rapid (AUTR), Australia (AUS). (16.07.2012)
  • Add Indonesian handbook. Many thanks to Norman Rizkyono. (10.07.2012)
  • Some test of the Hebrew language (written from right to left). (10.07.2012)
  • New Option in the tournament dialog in sheet "others": Enable manual color assignment of players in team round robin tournaments. (10.07.2012)
  • 3 New menu-items special for the olympiad (File/Import Teams (XML),Datei/Import Players (XML),Datei/Import TeamCompositions (XML). (6.07.2012)
  • Translation to Armenian. Many thanks to Mr. Armen Nikoghosyan. (8.6.2012)
  • New Option "Search all players in the selected ratinglist (Ignore Ratinglist-Source)" in menu-item "Specials/Update ratings/data". (28.05.2012)
  • New-Menu-Item "Rating lists/Update ENG ratinglist". (17.05.2012)
  • Bug fixing in the U10, U12,... classifikation. (17.05.2012)
  • Revision/extension of the Tie-Breaks for the Player performance list and Board list in team-tournaments. (01.05.2012)
  • New Tie-Break: Arranz System (Win:1 / Draw: 0.6 black, 0.4 white, lost: 0). (01.05.2012)
  • New-Menu-Item "Rating lists/Update POR ratinglist". (17.04.2012)
  • Wrong error message when entering the results for players who have a bye (1.4.2012)
  • Revision of the tournament upload with better messages if the upload was not successful. (18.3.2012)
  • New option in the tournament dialog in sheet "others": "Enter result for player/team which has a bye" (18.3.2012)
  • Extended option in the tournament dialog in sheet "others": "Enter results for excluded players/teams (0 as default)" now also for Swiss-Team-tournaments (18.3.2012)
  • Bug fixing: In Tie-Break 11 (The results of the players in the same point group) the weakest point-group was possibly incorrect. (11.3.2012)
  • If the screen height is less than the minimum recommended height of 768 pixels, the modal dialogs are if they are higher, scrollable. Build (5.3.2012)
  • Bug fixing: The special Excel-Files for Team Swiss System tournaments (Excel-Team-Fixed Board,Excel-Team-Composition und Excel-Matchreport) were formatted incorrectly. Build (5.3.2012)
  • Bug fixing: When importing the online data from the entered rounddates in the Swiss-manager were deleted. Build (5.3.2012)
  • The file structure for the SUI rating calculation was changed (CSV-File). (15.02.2012)
  • In a single round robin tournament one player can be deleted (if the number of players are even) without repairing the tournament. The opponents of the deleted player get a bye. (15.02.2012)
  • New Option in the tournament-dialog in sheet "other": "If player loses by forfeit, the team result will be reduced by a half point." (Especially for the Greek championship). (15.02.2012)
  • New age-group F (Female) in the tournament-dialog. Example: F20..for women under 20 years. (15.02.2012)
  • 2 new sort-options (Rating national (only), Rating international (only)) in the tournament dialog. (15.02.2012)
  • New-Menu-Item "Rating lists/Update CAN ratinglist". (6.02.2012)
  • If a national rating list is imported (NAT, ADD1, .. ADD9) also a K-factor (0.250) can be imported. Column Name "K". (7.1.2012)
  • New option "Ignore color" in the pairing dialog. (7.1.2012)
  • The language of the handbook can now selected in the menu "specials / language selection and directories". (7.1.2012)
  • Especially for Austria: new age group W55 (female seniors start at age 55). (2.1.2012)

Changes of the Unicode Version 2011

  • Some changes for the new Austrian-rapid-ratinglist. (20.12.2011)
  • The menu item "List /Match cards Excel" has been revised and 2 Excel-Templates attached.(16.12.2011)
  • The change from 10.12.2011 (The listtitles at the user-defined lists) was rolled back. (16.12.2011)
  • Bug fixing: Double forfeits (-:-) have been imported wrong in the "FIDE-Data import". (14.12.2011)
  • As a result of the change from the encoding on to UTF-8, some special functions for the rating officers, which access directly from Swiss-Manager to, have been adjusted. (Problems with special characters). (10.12.2011, Build
  • Bug fixing: The listtitles was not printed at the user-defined lists. (10.12.2011)
  • Bug fixing in the "Rating statistics FIDE" list. Here also forfeit-games were erroneously calculated. (9.12.2011, Build
  • The administration of language-dependent strings for Swiss-Manager and takes place now online on If you want to review the translation for your language please do not hesitate to write me.(9.12.2011)
  • Menu-Item "Specials/Update ratings/data" now works if the tournament is rated in several countries (AUT,SUI,GER,..) (several ID-fields). (30.11.2011, Build
  • Upgrade of the development environment from Delphi 2009 to Delphi XE2.
    Change of build to (30.11.2011)
  • Tie-Break [21] Ratingperformance is replaced by Tie-Break [60] Ratingperformance (Variable). (30.11.2011)
  • Translation to Indonesian. Many thanks to Mr. Norman Rizkyono. (15.11.2011)
  • In the player-input dialog the FIDE title, FIDE-rating and K-factor is taken automatically from the FIDE-rating list. (09.11.2011)
  • Changes in the structure of the uploading game file (*.psq). (27.10.2011)
  • Before the tournament is uploaded to, a messagebox is displayed if the user is not the creator of the tournament. (7.10.2011)
  • Tie-Break [37] (Buchholz variable) in Team-Swiss-Systems: Additional options selectable. (7.10.2011)
  • Bug fixing in the language pack for Portugal". (2.10.2011)
  • New-Menu-Item "Rating lists/Update ITA ratinglist". (9.09.2011)
  • Translation to Greece. Many thanks to Mr. Sotiris Logothetis. (28.08.2011)
  • Bug fixing in the player input dialog: The players could not be entered from the rating list (21.8.2011)
  • Bug fixing: Prevent (potential) memory leaks (15.8.2011)
  • Bug fixing Tie-Break [11] "The results of the players in the same point group". (7.8.2011)
  • New-Menu-Item: Info/FIDE Arbiter Norm Report (1. Draft). (7.8.2011)
  • New-Menu-Item: Info/FIDE Int. Arbiter Norm Report (1. Draft). (7.8.2011)
  • Especially for the Turkish Chess Federation: The 11-digit private Citizen IDs are not uploaded to (6.8.2011)
  • Bug fixing concerning the FIDE-title-list. In rare cases, there was a variable overflow. (29.07.2011)
  • New button "Default settings" in the Accelerated System Dialog. (12.07.2011)
  • New Option in the pairing dialog (for single Swiss-Systems): "Pairing depends on the game points and Tie-Break (instead of game points and Start ranking)". (24.06.2011)
  • New-Menu-Item "Rating lists/Update RSA ratinglist". (20.06.2011)
  • Bug fixing concerning the FIDE-title-list. The WIM title was not recognized in some cases. (04.06.2011)
  • Bug fixing concerning the rules D1 and D2 (Transposition and Exchange Procedures) (19.05.2011)
  • Single-Swiss-System tournaments can be also paired according to the weighted points (3 for victory, 1 for draw, 0 losses). (07.05.2011)
  • Bug fixing: FIDE-Title-Norm-list rule 1.4.4a. (26.04.2011)
  • Complete revision of the FIDE-Title-Norm-list.
    Now all new titles are displayed. If a player gets different titles, the highest title (WIM => WGM => IM => GM) (with the maximum rounds) are displayed. The options "Output only new titleholders" and "Do not consider winning games" were removed. New button: "FIDE-Title-norm check for a player". Here you can see all important data if rounds or winning games are removed. (14.04.2011)
  • New Tie-Break [59] (Rating Performance without two results) special for European Individual Chess Championship in Aix les Bains. (23.03.2011)
  • 2 new Menu-Items for the Austrian rapid and blitz rating calculation (Only visible for customer in Austria). (04.03.2011)
  • Extension of Tie-Break [44] "Matchpoints (variabel)". Now also points of preliminary rounds can be added optional. (06.02.2011)
  • Bug fixing: Import AUT-ratinglist (not sorted). (24.01.2011)
  • Translation to Italian (1st draft). Many thanks to Mr. Stefan Hellweger. (22.01.2011)
  • Tie-Break [37] (Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel)) and [52] (Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break (variabel) only for round robin tournaments: If there is an odd number of players, the byes are not considered. (22.01.2011)
  • Tie-Break [44] ( Matchpoints (variabel)). Results (default 0) of not paired rounds are considered. (22.01.2011)
  • Changing of the file-extension for the Austrian rating list from .exe to .zip (16.01.2011)
  • New notebook/Development Environment Windows 7 Professional 64Bit (15.01.2011)
  • Changes in the data-structure for the AUT-rating-list (08.01.2011)
  • Special extensions for the rating-calculation of the Dominican Republic (07.01.2011)

Changes of the Unicode Version 2010

  • Bug fixing: Import File-Ratinglist.(22.12)
  • Bug fixing: Debugging-File (if you starts the pairings) to drive M: was removed.(27.11)
  • Special extensions for the Icelandic rating-calculation (21.11)
  • New option for calculation of the rating performance: "Limit rating-difference to 400" (In the tournament-dialog in sheet "lists") (21.10)
  • New Tie-Break [58]: "Rtg Sum (without lowest rtg) or Progressive Score (Youth WCC)" (13.10)
  • Minor changes for the olympiad in Khanty-Mansiysk (23.09)
  • Menu-item "Specials / FIDE-data export". New Option "Use Name and Title from FIDE-rating list". Meaningfully, if the players are entered with the national ratinglist. (26.07)
  • At Tie-Breaks "Buchholz Tie-Breaks [37]" and "Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break" defaultoption changed to "counted as a game against a virtual opponent". (17.07)
  • Bug fixing: Menu-item "Specials / update ratinfs/data" should now work also with UniCode ratingslists. (17.07)
  • Necessary changes (new pairing rules) for the olympiad in Khanty-Mansiysk (03.07 and 09.07)
  • New Tie-Break [56]: Olympiad Khanty-Mansiysk Matchpoints (2,1,0) (without lowest result) (03.07)
  • New Tie-Break [57]: Olympiad-Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break (Olympiade Khanty-Mansiysk ) (03.07)
  • Tie-Break [52] (Sonneborn-Berger): New Option "Weighting for not played game (bye, forfeit)" (26.06)
  • Bug fixing: Menu-item "Specials / Split Torunament" the round number was 0 in the generated files (26.06)
  • Bug fixing: After opening the result-input dialog wrong buttons were displayed for the first pairing. (26.06)
  • Bug fixing: If Tie-Break 14 in Team-Touenaments was selected, in some cases the program loops. (07.06)
  • The (recommended) minimum screen resolution is 1024x768 pixels. The installation is possible from 800x600 pixel.
  • Minor changes in the Import of Unicode-Ratinglists (01.06)
  • Minor changes in the Average Recursive Ratingperformance Tie-Break (01.06)
  • New Tie-Break [55]: Average Recursive Ratingperformance (24.05)
  • New Tie-Break [54]: Recursive Ratingperformance (15.05)
  • New Tie-Break [53]: Most black (15.05)
  • Translation to Russian (1st draft). Many thanks to Mr. Yuriy Gnyp. (18.04)
  • Translation to Hungarian (1st draft). Many thanks to Mr. Pajor Csaba. (09.04)
  • Minor changes importing the rating list from Switzerland. (22.3)
  • Searching in Unicode ratinglist: If you search for S,s,C,c,Z,z,D,d also signs with hácek are found. (19.3)
  • In Bug fixing in case of problems with the half sign. See 25.02 (19.3)
  • Bug fixing in case of problems with the half sign. (19.3)
  • Bug fixing: Search of players in the result-input dialog. (8.3)
  • The alphabetical order (players and teams) occurs without case sensitivity. (1.3)
  • A tournament can now also split according the fields typ+sex. (1.3)
  • Bug fixing in the import/export-dialog (import player- and pairing-data) (1.3)
  • Bug fixing in case of problems with the half sign (depends on the Windows language). If you have problems, try entering * in the option dialog in sheet "lists" in field "Special half sign (½) for results and table". (25.02)
  • Changing the program development environment from Windows XP to Windows 7. (12.02)
  • New menuitem: ? / Show Test-Excel. To solve characterset problems. (12.02)
  • Temporäre Excel-Files für Listerstellung werden mit Endung tmp statt xls ausgegeben. (12.02)
  • Spanish Helpfile available. Many thanks to Antonio Pérez Trapero for translation. (12.02)
  • Bug fixing in the result-input-dialog if option "Enter results for excluded players (0 as default)" was enabled. (06.02)
  • CZE ratinglist in Unicode available. (06.02)
  • Bug fixing in menu Data Import/Export. (06.02)
  • Some minor bugs. (13.12)