About the author

  • Name: Dipl. Ing. Heinz Herzog
  • Age: 52
  • Country: Austria
  • Adress: A-1230 Vienna
  • Johann Teufelgasse 39-47/7/9
  • e-mail: h.herzog(at)swiss-manager.at. Please replace (at) with @. It is a protection against collection of my e-mail address through spammer.


  • 1976-1981 Technical School Vienna, Department electrical engineering
  • 1981-1988 information science at the technical university in Vienna


  • From 1988 to 1999 employee of company Plot, Vienna
    Realization of projects and development of (I hope) professional software.
    Special field on HOST: PLI, DB2, SQL, QMF, ISPF, ROSCOE, AS
    Special field on PC: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, Delphi, Access, Visual Basic, SQL-Server, Excel, Word, PASCAL, C
  • Customers:
    Bank-Austria, Department Controlling und Informationssysteme (7 years)
    Vamed, Project KPEV (1 Jahr)
    AUA (Austrian Airlines), Projekt Personnel planning for technical personnel (1 year)
    Creditanstalt, Department Software engineering (2 years)
  • From 2000 freelance employee of the Bank-Austria, department "Controlling Inland" (10 years)
  • From 2013 freelance employee of the Bank-Austria, department "Data Governance" (? years)
  • for interesting projects I am available (depending on time). (70 Euro and up (excl. tax)).



My "Schäfchen", äh ... my wife Kako, I and my cat Zeus.


My "Schäfchen"

I know my wife since 21.Februar 1985. At 10th September 2004 she became my wife.


I know my wife since 21.Februar 1985. At 10th September 2004 she became my wife.

On 18 August 2012 my wife Kako passed away after a short heavy illness. I have loved her very much. The common time with her was wonderful. I will miss her very much. However, in the heart she will always be with me.

Here are some photos in memory of my beloved wife Kako


Mieko it is the cat of my Schäfchen ... my wife Kako. She was a findling and in 1992 she moves in Yokohama to my wife.


In the meantime Mieko grew a little bit. Here she is pursued of 2 Tanukis (Japanese badger).


My cat Zeus

My little friend Zeus is 1995 moved in to me. Unfortunately he passed away at 24. October 1998 at the results of a tumor in the age of about 15 years.

My cat Zeus (1)

He had especially great interest to food.

My cat Zeus (2)

He also studied the headlines gladly in the newspaper.

My cat Zeus (3)