The download-file basically is the full versions. But only with the correct installation code, which the customer receives If he buys the program he can use it as light or full version. Otherwise, the program can used as a Demo version.

Download Swiss-Manager Unicode-Version and manual

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Older handbooks (not recommended to use)

Download Rating-Lists

  • The FIDE-ratinglist can easy updated with the menue item "internet/Update FIDE-ratinglist" direct from the FIDE homepage.
  • Tip: It is possible to import a (national) ratinglist on basis of an Excelfiles. A sample Excel-file is available on my Homepage under Further information in sheet "help" in the sample-File.

Changes of the Unicode Version 2022

  • Bugfixing: In the Fide title norm list, the number of foreign players with Fide rating, the title holders and the number of foreign federations were determined incorrectly in some cases. (12.06.2022)
  • New pairing system for team-round-robin tournaments: Schiller system for exactly 4 teams and 12 players (6.6.2022)
  • Bugfixing when inputting via grid (players/teams/dates...) Cells were duplicated. (30.05.2022)
  • New Tie-Break [74]: Olympiad Chennai-Sonneborn-Berger. (24.5.2022)
  • If in the "Output scores" the option "0.5" is selected, then the points and Tie-Breaks are output as a number (formerly as a string) in Excel. (4.5.2022)
  • All Tie-Breaks are now output in the Excel/text file by default. Previously only on screen (4.5.2022)
  • New checkbox in the tournament form: "Show on chess-results". If selected, the field "remarks" will be displayed on with an orange background. (4.5.2022)
  • FIDE-+/- rating calculation: Only one discarded result with the highest rating difference is taken into account. (4.5.2022)
  • Small corrections when importing the RSA rating list. (19.04.2022)
  • Bugfixing when importing the Russian rating list (array overflow). (12.04.2022)
  • Upgrading the program development environment from Embarcadero® Delphi 10 Seattle to Delphi 11.1 Alexandria. (23.3.2022)
  • Small adjustments for the Olympiad Mode 2022. (23.3.2022)
  • New Option in the pairing-form: Olympiad Mode 2022. (13.03.2022)

Changes of the Unicode Version 2021

  • Bugfixing of the Pairings checklist. (8.12.2021)
  • Bugfixing when importing the rating list from Costa Rica and Uruguay. (27.11.2021)
  • New checkbox for the board and player performance list in team tournaments to determine the necessary games: "Mathematically round, otherwise round up to the next whole number" (20.11.2021)
  • To avoid problems when downloading / installing, the setup file SwissManagerUnicodeSetup.exe is now signed with a code-signing certificate, where I am the publisher. (16.11.2021)
  • Bugfixing when importing the Russian rating list (array overflow). (15.10.2021)
  • Update of the Excel templates "FIDE Arbiter Norm Report Form" (FA1) and "International Arbiter Norm Report Form" (IA1). (13.08.2021)
  • Bugfixing in the function "Create FIDE title Excel file". (13.08.2021)
  • Bugfixing in the Tie-Break "Direct Encounter" (only seldom occurred). (13.08.2021)
  • Bugfixing in the calculation of the FIDE-rating change for Rapid and Blitz tournaments. (12.08.2021)
  • Update due to format change of the English rating list. (24.07.2021)
  • New menu item "File / Import PGN-File (results). Especially for online tournaments. Here the results of the selected round are imported from the PGN file. (20.07.2021)
  • Bugfixing in Tie-Break 14 ("Result of teams in the same point group according to match points") for double-round tournaments. (10.07.2021)
  • Small corrections when importing the RSA rating list. (16.06.2021)
  • The RSA rating list has a new format (CSV file instead DBF file). The filename "" has remained the same. (04.06.2021)
  • New menu item "File / Import Player-Results (XML)", Example see PDF-File under XML_import_Swiss-Manager.pdf (21.04.2021)
  • New menu item "Rating lists/Update VIE rating lists" (Standard, Rapid, Blitz) (28.03.2021)

Changes of the Unicode Version 2020

  • New menu item "File / Import PGN-File". (09.12.2020)
  • Bugfixing (Array-overflow) when importing the Russian rating-list. (18.11.2020)
  • Bugfixing when pairing a single Swiss-System tournament with the option "FIDE (JaVaFo engine,". (20.10.2020)
  • The structure and link of the English rating list has changed. (16.9.2020)
  • Changed menu item "Upload pictures to" ==> "Upload pictures/files to". In addition to photos, files can now also be uploaded, which are then available for download on the results pages. (13.9.2020)
  • New Tie-Break "Sonneborn-Berger (Matchpoints) [74]" (25.8.2020)
  • New menu item "File / merge tournament". Here 2 Singl-Swiss system tournaments can be merged into one tournament. (28.06.2020)
  • New template for the title norm form (IT1). (28.06.2020)
  • New button "Check Online" in the player input dialog. Checks whether the entered nickname (in the Clubname field) is valid and online. Invalid/not online players can be excluded before pairing. (June 26, 2020)
  • New combobox "Online Playing Server" in the tournament dialog in sheet "other". At the moment only PlayChess (ChessBase) is supported. (June 26, 2020)
  • New host federation "ONL (Online)" for the upload to (15.6.2020)
  • Bugfixing in a team-Swiss system tournament when the pairing is repeated with a team having a bye. (7.6.2020)
  • Bugfixing Checklist (6.5.2020)
  • Bugfixing of the FIDE-title list (Rule 1.43). (19.02.2020)
  • Bugfixing when setting a fixed table in the pairing list for team Swiss system tournaments. (11.01.2020)

Changes of the Unicode Version 2019

  • Bugfixing import Rapid FIDE-rating list (Arrayoverflow).(04.12.2019)
  • Changing Tie Break 11 (Direct Encounter).
    The following feature has been deactivated: If a player in a Tie-Break group has played all games and has all lost/won, then he is the last/first in the Tie-Break group. (15.11.2019)
  • Change from link to rating-list of South Africa (RSA)(26.07.2019)
  • Change Olympaid mode (for EYCC): For pairing of all rounds the teams are ranked according to the two first selected Tie-Breaks, if equal according to the Start-Ranking (24.10.2019)
  • New Menu-item: "File/Merge tournaments" for single-swiss-system-tournaments (13.10.2019)
  • Change from link to rating-list of South Africa (RSA)(26.07.2019)
  • Bugfixing (Array-overflow) when importing the Russian rating-list. (08.06.2019)
  • Extension of the installation code to 20 characters. The old codes remain valid. (08.05.2019)
  • Bugfixing of match points in team tournaments on teams that have a bye. (23.01.2019)
  • Expansion of the number of participants to 2000 for Swiss system tournaments. (09.01.2019)
  • Bugfixing for Team-Round-Robin-Tournaments. The numbers (gam./+/=/-) were displayed incorrectly if an odd number of teams. (07.01.2019)

Changes of the Unicode Version 2018

  • Bugfixing when sorting the startingrank-list using UNICODE characters (21.11.2018)
  • New Selection (Time-Control: Standard, Rapid, Blitz) in the tournament form. (27.10.2018)
  • Bugfixing (Array-overflow) when importing the RSA rating-list. (27.10.2018)
  • Bugfixing (Array-overflow) when importing the Russian rating-list. (15.10.2018)
  • Minor Bugfixing menu item "Other/Rtg. admin. file ENG" (15.10.2018)
  • New Tie-Break ( Games descending (More is better) [65] ) for Single-Swiss-System-Tournaments. (02.10.2018)
  • New menu item "Other/Rtg. admin. file ENG" (01.10.2018)
  • Additional fields "Score required ..." and "Exceeding norm by ...points" on the Certificate of Title Result (7.9.2018)
  • Change of Tie-Break 56 "Sum Matchpoints (2,1,0) without lowest result" (7.9.2018)
  • On the pairings-checklist now the 0 forfeits are marked as down-floater (5.9.2018)
  • Additional fields (Numbers of GM, IM, WGM, WIM, FM, WFM) on the Certificate of Title Result (28/29.08.2018)
  • New menu item "Rating lists/Update ENG rating list/Rapid" (25.08.2018)
  • Minor changes for the Chess Olympiad in Batumi. (15.08.2018)
  • In "FIDE Data Export TRF16" Key 122 "Allotted times per moves/game" was temporarily not issued. (29.07.2018)
  • In "FIDE Data Export TRF16" in Key 112 is now output the deputy arbiters and the "normal" arbiters. (23.07.2018)
  • New Sheet "Arbiter" in the tournament form. Here you can enter the fields "Chief Arbiter", "Deputy Chief Arbiter" and "Arbiter" using the FIDE-rating-List.
    Important: If the option "Only search for arbiters (IA, FA) in FIDE list" is used, the FIDE list must be re-imported. (08.07.2018)
  • New Field "Deputy Chief Arbiter" in the tournament form. (08.07.2018)
  • Bugfixing in the new installation process. (17.06.2018)
  • The installation can be done with or without SSL. (16.06.2018)
  • Important:
    For the installation (input of the installation code) an active internet connection is now necessary.

    Due to the change, it is unfortunately necessary to enter the code once. Sorry. (15.06.2018)
  • Bugfixing: Rarely, the normal pairing was done with the Baku Accelation mode. (14.05.2018)
  • Bugfixing of option 1.21 in the FIDE title norm list (26.03.2018)
  • Bugfixing: Import of rating-lists (20.03.2018)
  • Increased the maximum number of participants to 2,000 for team tournaments (19.03.2018)
  • If a ratinglist has an invalid format, it will be deleted." (07.03.2018)
  • Slovenian manual available. Many thanks to Boris Žlender. (07.03.2018)
  • New menu item "Rating lists/Update SLO rating list" (21.02.2018)
  • New menu item "Other/Rtg admin. file RSA" (21.02.2018)
  • Problems with the upload (in rare cases) fixed (19.02.2018)
  • New menu item "Internet/Download tournament from". The creator of the tournament can download the original file, all other users get the file without the birth date (because of the new General Data Protection Regulation coming in May). (16.02.2018)
  • The player performance list and board list can now be uploaded on, if the option "Upload/display on" is selected, when the list is called. (16.02.2018)
  • The Standard Lists on ("The best player" and "The best player per board") according Points and according percent are now not active by default. They can be activated with "Internet/Customize lists at". (16.02.2018)
  • Preparation for uploading the board list and player performance list on (Only for team-tournaments available) (11.02.2018)

    Important Update on 03.02.2018

  • Implement of the new Swiss-Pairing rules from July 2017
  • Including the Baku Acceleration mode
  • Build Number changed from to
  • New menu item "Other / FIDE Daten Export TRF16
  • New checkbox "C.04.5.1 Baku Acceleration" in the Form "Accelerated System Parameters"
  • New checkbox "Apply the FIDE-rules for the Swiss-System tournaments from July 2017" in the tournament form in sheet "other". The checkbox is selected by default (only relevant for single Swiss-System tournaments) and can only changed/unselected before pairing the first round. It is strongly recommended not to unselect the checkbox.
  • if the checkbox is selected then
    • JaVaFo pairing engine is mandatory.
    • Automatic sort of the starting rang before pairing round 4 if Accelerated System is used and a new player is entered.
    • Only pairings of the current round can be changed with menu "Pairings / Set new player..."
    • Warning if a not paired player gets 1 point.
    • The points of the PAB (Pairing-Allocated Bye) are all rounds the same.
    • The Option "Pair according to tiebreak, not start rank" is disabled.
    • Sorting/Display of the starting rank (6 radio button) can only be changed before round 1 is paired.
  • The option "Apply the FIDE-rules for the Swiss-System tournaments from July 2017" is enable if a tournament is load which is saved with build < Exception: if the results for the bye are entered every round or the pairing is according the rank instead of startrank
  • If the pairing mode (1/0.5/0 , 3/1/0) is changed after round 1 then the pairings from round 2 are deleted
  • The field "Points for the bye player" in the tournament dialog in sheet "General" can be changed including the round with where the first bye occurs.
  • The option "Allow input of special results (0:0, ½:0, 0:½, 1U:0U, ½:½U, 0U:1U)." in the tournament form in sheet "other" is seleted by default.
    The option can be disabled, then all not paired players (excluded the PAB (Pairing-Allocated Bye)) get no color and 0 points.
  • The option "Enter results for excluded players/teams (0 as default)" in the tournament form in sheet "other" is seleted by default.
    If a result is different from 0, then the option is disabled.
  • The Option "Accelerated System" in the pairing option can only be changed (enabled/disabled) in the first round.
  • The Option "Pair according to tiebreak, not start rank" is disabled if using "JaVaFo Pairing engine".
  • No manual sort after round 4.

  • Bugfixing: Import FIDE-rating list for player with name-length > 32 characters. The FIDE list must be re-imported. Maybe other rating-lists too. (31.01.2018)
  • Adaptations for the FIDE-endorsement of the July rules (25.01.2018)
  • Fall-back-Solution: If JaVaFo fails, then the Swiss-Manager engine is enabled. (25.01.2018)
  • Small Adaptations for the FIDE-endorsement of the July rules (04.01.2018)
  • Bugfixing import Rapid FIDE-rating list (Arrayoverflow).(01.01.2018)

Changes of the Unicode Version 2017

  • Adaptations for the FIDE-endorsement of the July rules (17.12.2017)
  • Adaptations at the CAN ratinglist. (26.10.2017)
  • Bugfixing for new results: 1:0U, ½:½U, 0:1U. (24.07.2017)
  • Bugfixing: Wrong message when entering result 1:0. (14.07.2017)
  • New results: 1:0U, ½:½U, 0:1U for results with less than one move. (12.07.2017)
  • Change of the country code of Lebanon from LIB ==> LBN. (21.06.2017)
  • Bugfixing import RSA-ratinglist (Arrayoverflow). (31.05.2017)
  • New-Menu-Item "Other / Rtg. admin. file RUS." (03.05.2017)
  • Bugfixing. In some cases in the list "Title confirmation for one player" the average rating Ra was wrong. (09.04.2017)
  • New Menu-items "Rating lists/Update RUS (CRR) standard rating list","Rating lists/Update RUS (CRR) rapid rating list""Rating lists/Update RUS (CRR) blitz rating list" (10.02.2017)
  • Change of the links for the Uni-Code RUS-rating lists (20.01.2017)
  • Expansion of the additional ratinglists from 80.000 to 100.000 players. (07.01.2017)

Changes of the Unicode Version 2016

  • Bugfixing. The option "Accelerated Pairings" was no working. (07.12.2016)
  • Bugfixing: In some cases there was a "Bereichsüberlauf" (overflow) in the player input form only in team-tournaments. (11.11.2016)
  • Bugfixing: In some cases, the message 38 was not displayed during program exit (save tournament data) although data was changed. (04.11.2016)
  • New-Menu-Item "Specials / Rtg. admin. file BEL. (01.11.2016)
  • "Accelerated Pairings" activated for pairing with JaVaFo-engine. (21.10.2016)
  • Change of the federation code of Singapore from SIN to SGP (30.09.2016)
  • Bugfixing assigning fixed boards, if the option "Offset board in pairing list" is set. (30.09.2016)
  • Correction from 24.9. (25.09.2016)
  • Bugfixing importing field "date of birth" from Text Files. (24.09.2016)
  • Bugfixing because of overflow during import of the FIDE-rapid-list. If you have problem to start Swiss-Manager please hold the Shift key during Start (02.09.2016)
  • New Tie Break: [71] Berlin System for Team-Tournaments. (15.08.2016)
  • New Menu-item "Rating lists/Update URU" (30.07.2016)
  • 2 new check-boxes in the Player-Input-form for Swiss-System-tournaments : "check presence of players" and Spieler Anwesenheit prüfen" und "Show not present players". If this function is used, not present players are not paired. (30.07.2016)
  • New Menu-items "Rating lists/Update RUS standard rating list","Rating lists/Update RUS rapid rating list""Rating lists/Update RUS blitz rating list" (10.06.2016)
  • Upgrade of the software development environment from Delphi XE5 to Delphi 10 Seattle. (25.04.2016)
  • Bugfixing, if a fixed board is assign in an single-swiss-system-tournament. (11.03.2016)
  • Bugfixing in Tie Break 11 (Direct Encounter). (04.02.2016)
  • Bugfixing of the FIDE-Title-Norm-list, Rule 1.43e. (29.01.2016)
  • Rating list RUS changed to ORR (20.01.2016)
  • For all tournaments from India the State must be selected before upload to (20.01.2016)
  • Translation into Chinese. Many thanks to He Guigang. (15.01.2016)
  • Bugfixing of the checklist (Downfloater). (07.01.2016)
  • New option "Creating a backup-file after pairing a round" in the option dialog for Swiss-System tournaments. (06.01.2016)