Free Swiss Manager full version

Dear chess friends

Due to the renewed endorsement by FIDE at the end of January, that Swiss-Manager complies with the FIDE rules for single Swiss system, I offer 100 programs Swiss-Manager full version (with limited support) for free (Licence until 31.12.2018).

Swiss Manager can of course still be bought. In this case the license is unlimited and the customer gets appropriate support. In the free version the support is strong limited.

Heinz Herzog

CEO, CFO, CRO, CTO from Swiss-Manager and

How to get your free Swiss Manager full version:

  • Enter your country, the desired username and e-mail address into the registration form (see below), confirm the terms of use (see below) and finish the registration with the button "Submit Registration".
  • You will get your free installation code in the next 7 days.
  • Once you have received the installation code, download the latest Swiss-Manager Unicode version from my download page and install (or update) Swiss-Manager.
  • You must enter the installation Code with menu item "Specials / Install ...".

Terms of use for the free Swiss Manager full Version:

  • Passing the 15-characters installation code is not allowed.
  • The program can be installed with this code on several PCs / laptops.
  • You agree to upload all tournaments (at least the final ranking soon after the end of the tournament) to Test-tournaments must begin in the tournament's name with "Test...". The upload is very easy with the menu item "Internet / Automatic upload to".
  • Due to continuous improvements, we can't make any guarantees of the correctness and completeness of the program and its documentation and for any damages resulting from them.
Swiss-Manager registration for the free full-version. Country Desired Username (max. 40 characters) Only ASCII characters, no Uni-Code Last name First name E-Mail