Older changes (Applies only to the non-Unicode version)

Changes 2009

  • New Option for the Buchholz-TieBreak (variable) [37]: "counted as a game against a virtual opponent". (27.10)
  • New menu item: Internet/Update CZE-ratinglist (08.10)
  • In the playerdialog for team tournaments the width of the team-panel can be changed. (08.10)
  • Bug fixing: In some cases error during assignment of a new databasekey for chess-results.com (21.09)
  • Bug fixing FIDE-title-regulations. Wrong rounding in 1.4.4.a (29.08)
  • Minor changes for the Vienna Open. (17.08)
  • Bug fixing FIDE-title-regulations. Wrong rounding in 1.4.4.a (29.08)
  • Minor changes for the Vienna Open. (17.08)
  • Adaptation to the FIDE-title-regulations from the 1st July (21.07)
  • Increasing of the number of players from 1.200 to 1.500. (02.07)
  • New dialog (Menue Input/Results special...) for big single-round robin tournaments. Especially for marathon blitz at Pardubice. (21.06)
  • New sortoption (Rating maximum (Nat., Int.)) in the tournamentdialog for the startrank. (21.06)
  • Minor extensions for the Vienna Open. (21.06)
  • Bug fixing menu item "specials/Update ratings/data" using FIDE-ratinglist. (02.04)
  • Bug fixing for Swiss-System tournaments for the last round: The rules B5 and B6 were not considered under certain circumstances. (06.03)
  • New Option "Special handling for players without FIDE-rating" in tournament dialog in sheet "lists".
    If activated the rating performance rp is calculated for players without FIDE-rating as follows:
    For player with more than 50%: Rp = Ra + 12.5 for every half point above 50%
    For player with 50%: Rp = Ra
    For player with less than 50%: Rp = Ra + dp (dp corresponding Table 10.1.a see FIDE-Homepage "02. FIDE Rating Regulations (Qualification Commission))
    Note: Only opponents with Fide-rating are taken into consideration. (06.03)
  • New menu item: Import Online-Registration from Chess-Results.com.
    Now on chess-results.com the tournament registration can be done online. Then these data can be imported to Swiss manager. (06.03)
  • Bug fixing (exception (0)). (17.01)
  • Bug fixing Option "Internet/Restricted Tournament upload". (04.01)
  • Minor changes importing CZE ratinglist. (04.01)

Changes 2008

  • Minor changes for the olympiad in Dresden. (28.10, 19.11)
  • Bug fixing ECC mode. (20.10)
  • Changes ECC and Olympiad. (17.10)
  • Necessary changes for the olympiad in Dresden. (14.10)
  • Bug fixing in team-swiss-system-tournaments: If a team wins on all boards with forfeits (opponnent didn''t appear) it was possible that this team gets a bye in a later round. (10.10)
  • Changes for the Olympiad in Dresden. (06.10)
  • New Function "Upload Chess-Results" in the results-input dialog for single and team tournaments. here the entered results are transfer Hier werden die eingegebenen Resultate auf chess-results.com eingespielt und werden dort in der Ergebnisliste aktuell angezeigt. Alle anderen Listen bleiben unverändert und werden erst beim normalen Upload (Internet/Automatischer Upoad zu Chess-Results.com) aktualisiert. (03.10)
  • Some changes for the Austrian rating calculation. (01.10)
  • Necessary changes for the olympiad in Dresden. (06.09)
  • Improved tournament-upload. Now the Upload is split into 3 steps. (File transfer, reading data, inserting data in database base). Suitable messages are given. If the new menu item "Internet / Upload Mode (new) is not selected, the old upload is used. (04.07)
  • In Team-Swiss System tournaments a player can be entered for several teams (analog Team round robin tournaments). (12.06)
  • Now with the result input dialog (option "Teams (standard)") a result xx:0F can be entered.(12.06)
  • If the option "rating data output for several federations" enabled, the federation can be selected for which the Identnumber is output on all lists. (12.06)
  • Translation to Slovak (1. version). Thanks to Mr. Karol Rückschloss. (03.05)
  • Bug fixing of the FIDE-ratinglist import: Array overflow. (02.05)
  • Link to FIDE-rating list has changed to http://ratings.fide.com/download/players_list.zip. (16.04)
  • Changing of the Defaultvalue "Sort of the pairing lists" in the tournament dialog in sheet "others". The defaultvalue is now "no automatically sort". This means, if you change a result in an older round, the pairing list will be not resorted. (26.03)
  • New menu item "Input/Resort pairing list". With it the pairing list for the selected round can be resorted. (26.03)
  • Minor changes of the special functions for the Austrian rating officer (21.03)
  • Bug fixing of the colour allocation in Swiss system tournaments in the last round (appeared very rare) (21.03)
  • New field "federation" in the tournament dialog. Before uploading to chess-results.com a country must be selected. The country of the customer is the first entry. (14.03)
  • In team tournaments a player can be entered in more than one team. (14.03)
  • new Tie break "Sum of Matchpoints (variabel) [48]" for the European Team championship. (24.02)
  • Smaller extensions for the chess olympiad. (02.02)
  • Necessary changes for Tournamentuploads to chess-results.com with keys > = 10000. (22.01)
  • Bug fixing of the FIDE-title norm list: In some cases Rp was wrong. (06.01)

Changes 2007

  • Translation to Spanish (1. version). Many thanks to Mikel Larreategi, Jesus Mena and Luis Blasco. (28.12)
  • Bug fixing in the export of playerdata. Between rank and Surname the field separator was missing. (28.12)
  • Bug fixing of the FIDE-title norm list: rule 1.21 may be activated only for the Olympiad or Continental Championship. (09.12)
  • New menue item "File/Import FIDE-Date Format. If there are any problems with the import, please mail me the FIDE-Text-file. (25.10)
  • Now for the import of the FIDE rating list the complete list http://www.fide.com/ratings/download/players_list.zip is suggested. However, it can be also imported alternatively the list of the players with rating. http://www.fide.com/ratings/download/oct07frl.zip. (25.10)
  • Now the rating lists for AUT, FIDE and GER are completely loaded in the main memory. (25.10)
  • The search in the AUT, FIDE and GER rating list was optimised. (25.10)

    The most important possibilities as examples briefly summarized.:
    herzog + <Enter>: Search for all players in all rating lists which start with "Herzog" (surname)
    *herzog + <Enter>: Search for all players in all rating lists which contain "Herzog" in the name (surename or firstname)
    f1600320 + <Enter>: Search for all players in all rating lists with FIDE-Id 1600320
    f1600320,FIDE + <Enter>: Search for all players in the FIDE rating list with FIDE-Id 1600320
    i105020 + <Enter>: Search for all players in all rating lists with ID (Identnummer) 105020
  • Some special functions for the AUT Eloreferenten were adapted and expanded. These functions are available only the Austiran rating officers. (25.10)
  • Bug fixing of the FIDE-rating import from the FIDE-ZIP file without internet connection (16.10)
  • Bug fixing in the title-confirmation-file for one player. (13.10)
  • Bug fixing, if the generated title-confirmation-file has already existed. (10.10)
  • Bug fixing. With import of the German rating list not all players were imported. (06.10)
  • Bug fixing. The internal file-copy function changed in the last build was faulty in some cases. (30.09)
  • Changing of the default value of the buchholz tie-break for not played games (forfeit, bye...). Instead of computate with 0,5 points (modified points) now counted as a draw against the player himself. (9.09)
  • Bug fixing of the FIDE-title norm list. Under certain circumstances not all titles are displayed. (E.g. valid GM performance norm, but rating average too low, a valid IM norm was not displayed) (9.09)
  • Bug fixing. By changes in the Tie-Break details dialogs for Buchholz, Rating and Matchpoints variabel (36,37,44) the parameters were not set (02.09)
  • Bug fixing of the FIDE-title norm list (rule 1.44a) (21.07)
  • New menue item "Internet/Turnier für AUT Eloliste anmelden". Only visible for user in AUT. (21.07)
  • The link for the German rating list has changed. (23.06)
  • New menue item "Internet/Update SUI-ratinglist" (23.06)
  • Now Swiss manager also runs under Windows VISTA. (07.06)
    The following changes were necessary (also applies to Windows 98, ME, NT, in 2000, XP):
    • Because a new installation program is used, it is recommended to uninstall the old version before installation this version.
    • Now some important parametres (code, language, directories,...) are stored in the registry. This means, that the installation code, the language and perhaps some directories are entered new.
    • The help files are converted from *.hlp (is not longer supported by Windows VISTA) to *.chm.
    • Now Swiss-Manager files (extensions *.TUN, *.TUR, *.TUM, *.TUT) are automatically linked to Swiss-Manager during installation.
    • Now Swiss-Manager also runs with limited rights. So datas (parameters, list definitions...) are not longer saved in the program installation directory, but in an user directory (depends on Windows version and language). Example for German XP-Windows: "C:\Dokumente and Einstellungen\USER\Anwendungsdaten\SwissManager" (USER..User logged on).
    • The menue item "specials/Links..." was removed)
    • The menue item "specials/DeInstall..." was removed)
    • New menue item "specials/Language Selection and directories". Here the language and some directories can be selected/entered. Hence, the selection of the language and the parameters for the tournaments- and list-directories were removed in the menu "specials/options...".
    • The Exe file name was changed from Schach95.exe to SwissManager.exe.
  • Increasing of the players maximum from 900 to 1200. (06.05)
  • Bug fixing from 4.1.2007: The message was also shown, if the results of the current round were changed. (06.05)
  • Bug fixing at games-upload to Chess-Results.com, if the option "restrict tournamentupload" was enabled. (12.04)
  • For the EM in Dresden implementation of a new option for the performance calculation "Only Fide rating, other games are ignored" (in the tournament dialog in sheet "lists") (10.04)
  • For the EM in Dresden implementation of special pairing cards. (This function is at the moment only for IA Stubenvoll enabled.) (01.04)
  • In the FIDE-Data Export File, Ä, Ö,...ß are converted to AE, OE,...SS. (28.03)
  • With menue-item "specials/Update rating/data data can now beside AUT and FIDE also updated from other ratinglists. (28.03)
  • New Option: menue Internet/restrict tournamentupload. If a tournament is uploaded with enabled option, after it only the creator of the Swiss-Manager file can upload this tournament to Chess-Results.com. If a tournament is uploaded with disabled option, after it all user (as before) can upload this tournament. (22.03)
  • The lists at Chess-Results.com can now only customize from the creator of the Swiss-Manager file with menue item Internet/Customize lists at Chess-Results.com (22.03)
  • New Option in the tournament dialog in sheet other for sorting the starting rank list for team-swiss-system tournaments. (22.03)
  • Enumeration of all tournaments for which rule 1.21 for the FIDE-Title Certificates is applicable. (14.03)
  • Bug fixing in Tie-Break Ratingperformance [21] (08.03)
  • In the case of the FIDE-Daten Export, the rounds can be selected. (04.03)
  • In Update FIDE rtg list the K-factor is also imported. (04.03)
  • If the FIDE-Titel certificates are saved to excel, men and women titles are now saved in the same Excel file. (16.02)
  • Bug fixing of the FIDE-Title certificates if the tournament has more than 9 rounds and the option "Do not consider winning games" was enabled. (16.02)
  • Bug fixing of the FIDE-Export File for tournaments where the results for the rating calculation different the results for the tournament ranking. (06.01)
  • If in a Swiss-tournament a result in an old round is changed, a message is shown that the sorting of the pairing list of the actual round is probably changed. (04.01)

Changes 2006

  • FIDE-Rating import also local (without internet connection) from text-file (not zip-file) possible.(09.12)
  • Rating calculation for Poland. (09.12)
  • Bug fixing for single Swiss-System tournaments with more than 700 participants. (24.10)
  • New opton in the tournament-dialog in sheet general. In team Swiss-System tournaments it is now possible to pair according matchpoints 3,1,0. (24.10)
  • New option in the tournament-dialog in sheet lists under Rating performance. (24.10)
  • New option in the Options-dialog in sheet lists. "At all lists: first name before last name". (24.10)
  • Some special features for the German Bundesliga. (24.10)
  • Bug fixing importing rating lists. (17.10)
  • If required, the FIDE-ratinglist can be downloaded. (New menue item "Internet/Update FIDE-ratinglist"). In this case, the original Zip-file from the FIDE Homepage will be downloaded, unzipped and installed. (14.10)
  • If required, the AUT-ratinglist can be downloaded. (New menue item "Internet/Update AUT-ratinglist"). In this case, the original Exe-file from the Swiss-Manager Homepage will be downloaded, unzipped and installed. (14.10)
  • If required, the GER-ratinglist can be downloaded. (New menue item "Internet/Update GER-ratinglist"). In this case, the original Zip-file from the GER Homepage will be downloaded, unzipped and installed. (14.10)
  • In the Team-Result input dialog the Identnumber is changed from 5 to 6 characters. (14.10)
  • Translation to Croatian (1. version). Thanks to WGM Mirjana Medic. (17.9)
  • The Identnumber in the player dialog extended to 11 characters. (29.8)
  • The results 0:0, 0:½,½:0 can entered for all tournament types. (29.8)
  • New option in the tournament dialog in sheet "other": "Add points in the field PktAdd in the player dialog for pairing and ranking". (29.8)
  • In the FIDE data export file Key 132 and field sex added. (15.8)
  • The tournament upload occurs from now to chess-results.com. Please change all links to http://chess-results.com/.... (28.7)
  • Bug fixing from 19.6: The access to the rating list happen wrongly to the Austrian player database. (22.6)
  • Bug fixing: The result 0-½ was handled wrongly.(20.6)
  • Changes as a result of the Austrian player database. (19.6)
  • New field K-Factor (for the FIDE-rating) in the player-dialog and rating dialog. (8.6)
  • New option for determination of Fide titles. (8.6)
  • Add of rule 1.49a for determination of Fide titles. (8.6)
  • Minor changes for the chess olympiad in Turin. (22.5, 8.6)
  • Bug fixing: In Team tournaments there was a bug in the FIDE data export file. (2.5)
  • In Swiss system tournaments, a fixed board can be assigned to a player/team for the pairing list. (1.5)
  • In case that the national rating calculation should occur for several federations, the option "activate several federation" in the tournament dialog in sheet "Other" can be set. At the present a up to 4 federations (from AUT, SUI, ESP, GER, CZE) can be selected. For the selected federations, the Ident-Number can be entered and is then output to the corresponding rating file. (1.5)
  • Menue item specials/Rtg. admin file FIDE removed (replaced by specials/FIDE data export). (1.5)
  • Special for the Blitz EM in Cannes: Increasing the rounds to 25 (Swiss-System) and adding a new tie-break (game Points + Qualifying Points [42]) (16.02)
  • Bug fixing: (only English language): In case of player input with the FIDE-ratinglist, date of birth jjjj/00/00 are now valid. (01.01)

Changes 2005

  • Installation codes changed from 9 to 12 characters. The old 9-character codes remain valid. (31.12)
  • Menue-item: specials/Update ratings/data: Now possibility to update various fields from all ratinglists. (31.12)
  • Search in ratinglist also for national Identnumber, FIDE-Number and part of names: Enter search word in field "name or code":
    Search for nat. Identnumber: Enter Innn.. + <ENTER> nnn.. Identnumber
    Search for FIDE-Number: Enter Fnnn.. + <ENTER> nnn.. FIDE-Number
    Search for part of names: Enter *nnn.. + <ENTER> nnn.. part of name. (31.12)
  • HTML Files conformed to chess-results (31.12)
  • Change of sorting of the starting rank list: Sorting according to GM, IM, WGM, FM, WIM, CM, WFM, WCM. (31.12)
  • Revision of the Polish translation. Thanks to Dr. Andrzej Filipowicz. (6.12)
  • Bug fixing: In the version (26.10) the test options were enabled. (3.11)
  • Translation to polish (almost finished). Thanks to Ewa Szafraniec. (18.10/26.10/3.11)
  • In the FIDE-Data Export file the team section was added (3.10)
  • New Tie-break [46] for team tournaments: Points + match Wertung: Punkte + Matchpunkte (3/1/0) (3.10)
  • Bug fixing: problems in manually paired team round-robin tournaments with more than 1 round (first half of the season not synchronous with the second half of the season) (20.9)
  • Bug fixing: In the tournament-dialog if tournament not paired, error message "Fehler bei Bereichsprüfung" (19.8.2005)
  • For single round robin and Swiss system tournaments: New Tie-Break "points (game points) [1]" and "Matchpoints variable [44]". The Tie-Break "points" was (and will remain) automatically the 1st Tie-Break. If the Tie-Break "points" is now selected explicitly, sorting occurs in accordance with the precedence of the selected Tie-Breaks. (6.8.2005)
  • The defaultfederation in the player input dialog depends now on the federation of the customer. (6.8.2005)
  • For rated tournaments, the date must be entered for the individual rounds. (6.8.2005)
  • Under preparation: New option "several federations" in the group "Rated" in the tournament dialog. If selected, you can enter up to 4 different Identnumbers. The selection of the federations occurs in the sheet "other". The corresponding Identnumber is used in the Rating administration file for AUT, SUI, GER, CZE, ESP. (6.8.2005)
  • In the tournament dialog 2 new fields: Homepage and E-Mail. (12.7.2005)
  • In the player-input dialog also FIDE title CM, WCM (candidat master) are admitted. (2.7.2005)
  • For tie-break [5] (Manually input in field rankcorr. in player-dialog) in single round robin or Swiss-System tournaments a parameter can be set: Sorting in accordance with field points, rankcorr or rankcorr, points. (2.7.2005)
  • On some lists the age can be printed. 
    Attention: The structure of file sm_list.dat (Listdefinitions) was changed, it will created new at the first start.
  • If required, the Italian Ratinglist can be imported. (http://www.eloitalia.com/download.php, Formato txt al...) (5.6.2005)
  • In the field birthday only the year of birth can be entered. (5.6.2005)
  • In the German ratinglist the umlauts (ä,ü...) are shown correctly. (5.6.2005)
  • In rated tournaments, the chiefarbiter and the available time must be entered. (5.6.2005)
  • Bug fixing: During installation a runtime-error occured. (14.4)
  • Bug fixing: The rules B2,B5,B6 were always annulled for players over 50% for pairings of the last round. (9.4)
  • Now the crosstables in round-robin tournaments are depending from the selected round. (9.4)
  • Now every tournament can be published without an external program with menu item in the Internet. The up to now necessary database key will be automatically determined in the case of the first Upload. (29.3)
  • Now in the PGN-dialog the games can be uploaded with button [Game-Upload to Wiener-Zeitung]. (29.3)
  • New menue-item: specials/Rtg. Admin. file ESP. (27.3)
  • Bug fixing: In the FIDE-title-confirmation list the fields "number of rated players not from host federation:" and "number of players not from host federation holding GM, IM, WGM, WIM titles" were exchanged. (27.3)
  • Bug fixing in the team list (list 1) (Only in Swiss-System tournaments with Team-Tie-Break) (24.3)
  • Minor changes in file for the Austrian rating-administrator. (22.3)
  • The English Handbook was updated (17.3)
  • The German Handbook is no longer included in the installation file sm32.exe. (17.3)
  • New menue-item: specials/FIDE-Data Export. exports the tournament export format decided during the FIDE congress in Calvia in 2004. (17.3)
  • Bug fixing: If the first column in the text-file-export was blank, the column separator was not outputed. (17.3)
  • Bug fixing: In some ranking lists, if two players had identical Tie-Breaks, the rank was not blank for the 2nd player. (17.3)
  • Minor changes in the PGN-files-dialog. (8.3)
  • Translation to Serbian, 1st test-version (thanks to Mr. Ivan Stambolic). (12.2)
  • The Buchholz-Tie-Breaks [2],[3],[4],[17] can no more be selected. They were replaced by Tie-Break 37 (Buchholz Tie-Break (variabel with parameter)). (3.2)
  • Tie-Breaks [10],[20] can no more be selected . They were replaced by Tie-Break 36 (rating average of the opponents (variabel with parameter)). (3.2)

Changes 2004

  • Upgrading the Excel-Writing modules. (25.12)
  • New menue-item: Rtg. admin. File CZE (25.12)
  • If the 1. round is paired once again, (round 0 + Pairing) and all pairings are canceled, all players entered (after pairing 1. round) are now automatically paired (Single Swiss-System). (25.12)
  • Import possibility of a (national) ratinglist on basis of an Excelfiles. A sample Excel-file is available on my Homepage under http://swiss-manager.at/unload/NationalRatings.xls. Further information in sheet "help" in the sample-File.  (06.12)
  • Changing of the program develop environment from Delphi 5.0 to Delphi 7.0. (28.11)
  • If the 1. round is paired once again, (round 0 + Pairing) and all pairings are canceled, all in the 1. round not paired players (or new entered players) are now ready to pair. (18.11) ==> On 25.12.2004 again changed. 
  • In exclude Information list all round are displayed. (18.11)
  • Minor changes due to the chess-olympiad in Calvia. (25.10/30.10/8.11)
  • In the team-result input dialog the button [pairings] was partly invisible in rare cases. (2.10)
  • In the Town-dialog (Menue Input/Town...) also the input of date and time per teampairing is possible. The new fields date and time presently only shown in the Wiener-Zeitung. (26.9)
  • Bug fixing: In manually paired round-robin tournaments with more than 1 round (not synchronous) the tables according "starting rank" and "Tie-Breaks" had a bug. (22.9)
  • Translation to Czech, 1st version (thanks to Mr. Martin Smajzr).
  • Under Windows NT, 2000, XP, the determination of the default browser only with Admin rights successful, now also with restricted rights (menu items Internet/Swiss-Manager Homepage,...)
  • At the tournament-type "Swiss-System (with team-Tie-Break)" the team dialog was not shown. (2.9)
  • Bug fixing in the ''''set team...'''' dialog for Team-Swiss-System-tournaments (round 0) (11.7)
  • In single round robin tournaments with more than one run, you can set the pairings separatly for each run. (27.6)
  • Changing of the KO-System (Is not implement completely) (24.6)
  • In the case of the import of the GER-rating list, also the FIDE-Id and FIDE-rating will be imported. (26.5)
  • New Menue-Item: (26.5)
  • New Menue-Item: (10.5)
  • New Checkbox in option-dialog:Seperate first name and surname with comma, only output Dr. academic title (10.5)
  • The CZE-ratinglist can be imported from an Excel-File (5.5)
  • New Pairing-system for round robin tournaments: Rutschsystem (I don''''t know the english word) (5.4)
  • New Pairing-system for team round robin tournaments (for two teams): Scheveninger System (5.4)
  • Additional field "Chiefarbiter" in the tournament-dialog (5.4)
  • New Tie-Break: Matchpoints (variabel) for team-tournaments [44] (5.4)
  • New Tie-Break: Koya system for round robin tournaments [45] (5.4)
  • Better Tie-Break handling in the tournament-dialog. (5.4)
  • New Pairing-option for Swiss-Systems: Accelerated Parings. Before pairing of the first round, all player are divided into groups (variabel, up to 12 groups) depending on the starting rank. Every group gets "fictional points" (variabel) in descending order. Now the players are paired with the standard Swiss-System. In the second round the real points and the "fictional points" are added before pairing the second round. After the second round (variabel) the "fictional points" are deleted and the following rounds are paired with the standard Swiss-System. (5.4)
  • New Menue-Item: for Swiss-systems. Here you can explicit define forbidden pairings. (5.4)
  • Swiss-System "Evaluation system" was deactivated (5.4)
  • The half sign ½ (Default ASCII code 171) can adjust individually in the option dialog (list table) (24.02)
  • The half sign ½ (Default ASCII code 171) can adjust individually in the option dialog (list table) (24.02)
  • Changes of structure of the POR, ESP und LUX-ratinglist. They must be imported again. They can now also be imported from an excel-file (22.02)
  • Changes of structure of the Slovenian ratinglist. (11.2)
  • Translation to Turkish. (09.02)
  • New Menue "Internet". Important Web-sites can be shown here. (26.01)
  • New Tie-Break (Play-off Points [43]), can be entered in the player dialog. (11.01)

Changes 2003

  • Special adaptation for handling the Kärntner (a part of Austria) mastership (15.12)
  • 1. Version of the Turkish translation. (07.12)
  • The French Translation is almost completed. (07.12)
  • Fields "group" and "type" in the player input extended to 4 characters. (07.12)
  • Small changes in the case of player information. (07.12)
  • Importing possibility of the Swiss Rating-List and new menu-item: specials/Rtg. admin file SWZ. (1.12)
  • The French Translation was updated (26.10)
  • Changes for the World Youth Chess Championship in Greece specific for Mr. Stubenvoll. (25.10, 31.10)
  • Bug-correction: The testing- and debug menu was activated for short time (15.10)
  • Changes for the European Team Championship in Bulgaria specific for Mr. Stubenvoll. (13.10, 15.10, 19.10)
  • Changes for the European Club Cup in Crete specific for Mr. Stubenvoll. (24.09, 26.09, 28.09, 03.10)