The program Swiss-Manager is an administration- and pairing program for chess-tournaments (round robin, team-round robin, swiss-system, team swiss-system tournaments).

An overview of important functions:

  • Fide approved
  • Simple handling
  • Languages: Arabic / Armenian / Croatian / Czech / English / French / German / Greek / Hebrew / Hungarian / Indonesian / Italian / Lithuanian / Persian / Polish / Portuguese / Romanian / Russian / Serbian / Slovak / Slovenian / Spanish / Turkish / Vietnamese
  • Swiss system: up to 2.000 participants and 23 rounds.
  • Round robins: up to 150 rounds
  • Team round robins: up to 1.500 participants up to 50 teams.
  • Team-Swiss system: up to 1.500 participants up to 300 teams and 23 rounds.
  • Supports Unicode (i.e. Japanese)
  • Simple player input with Fide-ratinglist and national rating list.
  • Rapid and reliable pairing (mostly only few seconds). 
  • Processing simultaneous several tournaments.
  • Convenient and rapid result input.
  • Information, lists of all rounds can outputed any time.
  • Output of all lists on screen, printer or text-, HTML- or Excel-file.
  • In addition to the normal possibilities as tournament data input and change, player data input and change, results input and change, print lists, player exclude and so forth there are special functions: Enter player after the first round, continue player after exclusions, set pairings by hand, set the bye by hand.
  • Successful program application since 1986 during big national and international chess events.
  • Estimated 600.000 tournaments were handled successfully. About 370.000 tournaments are online available in the
    Tournament-database of chess-results!
  • References: Customers from more than 110 federations..
  • Simple publishing of tournaments at the international chess-tournament-result-server:, a very fast and reliable platform free to use for all chessfriends.
  • Developed under Windows 10, probably runs on Windows 7 and later.
  • Regular program- and rating-lists update.
  • 150 Euro for the full version
    75 Euro for the light version (Swiss System up to 60 participants / 11 rounds, round robin analogy with full version, team-round robin up to 6 teams)
  • If you want to buy my program, please use the online order form.